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SET A GOOD EXAMPLE AND GRAB A LARPING PACKAGE! Today we have something special for you – a contest in which you can win three awesome prizes! A larping package valued at approximately 1900 PLN, consisting of selected products available in our larp store;A unique Emhyr var Emreis ...

5 Żywiołów store during Covid-19

Our internet store is active, but it's far from truth to say that it is functioning normally in the face of the present pandemic. Due to safety reasons, we took some countermeasures to make sure that your orders get to you in the safest possible way.

5 Żywiołów store – satisfaction survey

We recently published a survey regarding the level of your satisfaction with shopping in the 5 Żywiołów store. We are very glad that almost a hundred people (ninety-one, to be exact) decided to share their opinion. We are even more pleased that vast majority of those opinions are very positive, and any voices of...

Let’s dress: the Landskecht

In Warhammer he is a core of the Imperial army. In the Witcher universe he is a standard mercenary from richer lands. Based on his historical counterpart, the landsknecht is currently one of the more popular choices on Polish (and not only) battle larps and the colour scheme often suits the dynamically growing, biggest and best Polish units that...

Witcher School and Covid-19

We are very carefully keeping track of the news and remedial actions regarding the Covid-19 epidemy. We can’t trivialize that threat and we decided to take precautionary steps.

Bestiary: wraith

There are many theories regarding the origins of wraiths. Many people believe that they are the souls of those who left some unfinished business behind and now are doomed to wander the earth, waiting for someone to give them peace.

A gift for a larper

In today's Logbook Dastin & Kuba are talking about gift ideas for larpers. Lots of you struggle what to buy your larper friends. Here you can find some useful tips.