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Battle Larp

Let’s dress: the Landskecht

In Warhammer he is a core of the Imperial army. In the Witcher universe he is a standard mercenary from richer lands. Based on his historical counterpart, the landsknecht is currently one of the more popular choices on Polish (and not only) battle larps and the colour scheme often suits the dynamically growing, biggest and best Polish units that...

Let’s dress: Constable/Marauder

When I imagine such a character, I see a commoner, someone who fights or robs people, often wearing every day, civilian clothing in a more solid, reinforced version than the classic urban outfit.

Let’s dress: Dwarven merchant

The description of the dwarves in Warhammer tells us: 'Imperial Dwarfs is a term used for the Dwarfs that have immigrated to the Empire of Man, merging into their culture and providing the Empire with Dwarfen skill and expertise. Imperial Dwarfs are the “second people” of the Empire, its most important race outside of Humanity itself. These are...