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Witcher School and Covid-19

We are very carefully keeping track of the news and remedial actions regarding the Covid-19 epidemy. We can’t trivialize that threat and we decided to take precautionary steps.

Bestiary: wraith

There are many theories regarding the origins of wraiths. Many people believe that they are the souls of those who left some unfinished business behind and now are doomed to wander the earth, waiting for someone to give them peace.

Witcher School – the newcomers

Making a decision to embark on a journey, sometimes to the other side of the world might not be easy. If you still have some doubts, are hesitating or haven’t made the decision yet – we will tell you what to expect on Witcher School.

Bestiary: drowner

Muire d’yaeble? Trifle, really. Fighting them is pretty easy, although when a colony appears in the area, one has to get really busy and really wet to eradicate the whole thing.  Most times, when I see such a contract, I don’t get off my horse. There are no precious ingredients hidden in that filth,...