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Even more exclusive? Impossible

Even more exclusive? Impossible

This wretched year 2020

Have we promised you special collections from the best artisans in our store? Yes, we have. We even have one for sale already – Jacek Karelus’ boots have been available on our Internet shelves for some time now. Still, ‘collections’ implies plural. More than just one shoe collection! Will the catastrophic year 2020 prevent us from achieving our goal? Will we stop at what we already have and add no more new exclusive, high-class goods to our offer? Of course not! And may that damned 2020 kiss our… noses. Yup, noses.

Oak Stall For The Win!

We have known Kuba for many years now. We don’t hide the fact that almost from the start of the Witcher School project he has been our main costume designer and had a great influence on the specific style of the costumes characteristic for this larp. It’s also no secret that we have been supporting Kuba since the beginning of his business venture. We have rooted for the Oak Stall company since it was created and with a growing smile (and pride) we have been observing its multiplying successes on the worldwide markets.

Better than in a movie

And it’s a fact that the Oak Stall products fully deserve those successes. Kuba’s and his team’s designs are masterpieces of the tailoring, furriery and bag-making art (and not only), which can have pretty steep prices – but ones that are fully appropriate with this level of artistry and quality. Even Henry Cavill once said about Kuba (an exact quote): “I don’t know that bloke” 😊 However, one of our friends, while sporting an Oak Stall costume during a meeting with the famous actor, heard him saying: “Mate, you have a better witcher outfit than I do!”. And that means something.   

A fashionable witcher – and more

And that’s why we will soon introduce to our store another prêt-à-porter collection: the Oak Stall collection. It consists of outfits and accessories with a characteristic, oakstallian style, aimed not only at witchers, but at fantasy larp fans in general. In it you will find: two gambesons – women’s “Ruta” and men’s (or perhaps unisex) “Adept Plus”; elegant “Vester vest” doublet; “Harlaw” bracers; “Gedymin” belt; and “Bertram” bag. All these items will obviously be available in various size and colour options (check it in our store). You can get it as an interesting set or buy individual elements which will complete your outfit. And, most importantly, these models will be available at our store only. In special, bargain prices!

Adept Plus gambeson
Ruta gambeson
Vester vest
Harlaw bracers
Bertram bag
Gedymin coil

You can’t stop it now!

If you think that the Oak Stall proposition is the last prêt-à-porter collection we will offer you then you are wrong! We have more incredible and exclusive surprises waiting for you! But that’s for the year 2021. Hopefully it will be better than the one that is finally at an end!

Tomasz Lewandowski

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