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Safety measures during Witcher School this autumn

Safety measures during Witcher School this autumn

Witcher School Autumn episodes will take place as planned. Reaching that decision was not easy for us. Every event we organize involves a lot of responsibility and we have always cared about safety issues (and we still continue on improving in that field). This time we face a much bigger problem – a pandemic. As for now, there are restrictions and safety measures in place that are supposed to diminish the danger. We are aware of them and we will adjust our events so they meet all safety demands. You can find the list of such measures below.

Before party

Due to restaurants and pubs restrictions we’re not able to organise a before party. It will take place only if we’re able to find an outdoor place that will be large enough to take us in and the weather will be suitable for outdoors.

Shuttle from the airport

Although the number of players is lower than normally, we still want to use two buses and divide the participants evenly to maintain the distance. Every person has to wear mouth and nose cover during all the way on the bus. Our team member will have the hand sanitiser with them for participants’ use.

Measuring the temperature

We will be checking the temperature of every player and every crew member on regular basis: before they get on the bus, before accreditation, each day after the morning roll call.

If it turns out that someone has a high temperature, we will take steps as indicated by the Health Department procedures. Which means isolating the person from other participants (taking them to the castle in a separate car) in the separate room and if the fever doesn’t come down and/or a person shows other symptoms – contacting the sanitary-epidemiological station for further actions. That may result in partial or full exclusion from the event.

As always we have a medic on site throughout the event. So we encourage you to get in touch everytime you need it.


During accreditation every participant will have to sign an additional document, stating that the participant according to their best knowledge is not a carrier and is not currently in quarantine or under an epidemiological supervision. Also, they will have to sign a consent to follow safety measures regarding Covid-19 in force during the event and share their personal data with the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate if needed.

Disinfection and hand washing

The castle has it’s own safety measures for disinfection. To minimalize the threat of infection such items as swords, crafting tools or alchemy mortars will also be disinfected. Every participant will receive a personal hand sanitizer from us during the accreditation – to use during the event when they don’t have access to sanitizers in the castle.

Remember about the proper handwashing – we will provide the instructions in toilets. We encourage participants to wash and disinfect hands regularly. Using hand sanitizers every time when entering the castle and going outside as well as before the meal and leaving the toilet is a must.

We will prepare maps that indicate the places in which you can find sinks and toilets – in order to minimize the queues. All the automatic hand-dryers will be turned off due to the spread of bacteria. Remember – if there’s no soap/sanitizer left somewhere, make sure to report that at the reception, so they can be immediately replaced.

Maintaining distance, mouth and nose covers

Every participant of the event has the obligation to cover mouth and nose inside the castle (except during the meals) and is encouraged to do it outdoors. There will be a possibility to buy a Witcher School scarf before the game starts.

Whenever we can we should keep in mind the recommended distance between the participants: 2 metres inside the castle and in queues, and 1,5 metres outdoors

Food and drinks

According to the safety measures we can serve meals as we did in the past, maintaining the distance between participants in the restaurant and hand sanitizing. But we don’t think it’s safe enough and we’re working in cooperation with the Moszna castle team on additional improvements and changes. We will inform participants as soon as possible.

Drinking from the same mug or bottle is absolutly forbidden! We will make sure that there’s no shortage of glasses. Please remember not to overuse alcohol and overtire your organism. We are buying additional batches of Amol so everyone – our crew included – can reinforce their bodies before going to sleep.

Castle personnel

There will be an increase in the castle’s security personnel and, unfortunately, due to safety reasons, they will not be wearing historical uniforms. They will do their best to use communication passages and be as inconspicuous as possible, but you will surely notice them.

What else can we do in everyday life to avoid infection?

  1. Avoid hugs and handshakes, instead use a different way of greeting, for example, a fistbump (not a high-five!), or give a small bow.
  2. Try to abstain from cash purchases, use contactless payments whenever you can.
  3. Touch the light switches, elevator buttons etc. ONLY with your bend finger’s bone. When refuelling your car, lift the fuel dispenser through a paper towel or use a disposable glove.
  4. Open the door with a closed fist, an elbow or a hip. Don’t touch the handle with your hand unless there’s no other way to open the door. It’s especially important in case of toilet door and those located in public places, like a post office.
  5. If you have access to disinfecting tissues use them while in a shop to clean your hands, the trolley and the booster seat.
  6. Clean your hands with soap for 20-30 seconds and/or use alcohol-based (over 60 per cent) hand sanitizers whenever you return home after being in a place where other people were present.
  7. Keep disinfectants near your home entrance and in your car, so you can use them after refuelling and touching dirty objects and when there’s no chance to clean your hands immediately.
  8. If it’s possible when sneezing or coughing use disposable tissues and throw them out immediately. If it’s not possible, cover your mouth with your elbow, but remember that a virus may land on your clothing that can be transmitted for a week or longer!

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